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  • Sercan Eraslan

    Sercan Eraslan

    JavaScript Lover

  • Anirudha Pratap Singh

    Anirudha Pratap Singh

  • Suat KÖSE

    Suat KÖSE

    A Turkish family guy. Software engineer. Minimalist. #microservices #softwaredesign #dotnetcore — github.com/suadev — superpeer.com/suadev

  • Amit Banerjee

    Amit Banerjee

    Software Engineer- LAMP Stack ,MongoDB, Postgres

  • Nesrin Asan

    Nesrin Asan

    Software Developer

  • Valerie McGilvrey

    Valerie McGilvrey

    I write about skip tracing, asset location and judgement enforcement. Grab a cold beverage and let's do this. http://youtube.com/SkipVue

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